Publication date Issuer Person discharging managerial responsibilities Position Closely associated Nature of transaction Instrument name Intrument type ISIN Transaction date Volume Unit Price Currency Status Details
18/06/2018 ranplan group ab Mats Andersson Styrelseledamot/suppleant Acquisition RANPLAN SE0011178201 15/06/2018 141,717 Quantity 10.30 SEK Notification
18/06/2018 Ranplan Group AB Jean-Jacques Appleby Marketing Manager Acquisition RPLAN SE0011178201 12/06/2018 1,250 Quantity 10.30 SEK Notification
15/06/2018 Ranplan Group AB Jie Zhang Board director Acquisition RPLAN shares SE0011178201 12/06/2018 48,544 Quantity 10.30 SEK Notification
15/06/2018 Ranplan Group AB Lars-Inge Sjöqvist Styrelseledamot/suppleant Acquisition RPLAN SE0011178201 14/06/2018 70,858 Quantity 10.30 SEK Notification
13/06/2018 Ranplan Group AB Per Lindberg Styrelseledamot/suppleant Acquisition RPLAN SE0011178201 12/06/2018 2,125,750 Quantity 10.30 SEK Notification
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